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Shopizs helps you set up your online store in less than a minute, empowering you to business online through booming social-networking & messaging platforms. Shopizs makes it easy to manage business on whatsapp and any other social-networking & messaging platforms, thus growing your business by enhancing your reach and revenue. Create your free online catalogue by just uploading product images.

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Your online store in less than a minute with all the GREAT features

Give customers option of home delivery.


  1. Easy to create online shop for any of your businesses.
  2. Unlimited selling and sharing.
  3. Free to Use.
  4. Catalogue (catalog) Maker.
  5. Inventory Management and Orders Processing.
  6. Edit Product Details / Delete any products.
  7. Sell on multiple channels like whatsapp, Facebook.
  8. Create custom branding.
  9. Easy to Use, Easy To Scale.

How to use Shopizs ?

  1. Login and Create your business account.
  2. Create Catalogs for your online Shop.
  3. Add Products to the Catalogs.
  4. Share your website link over Whatsapp Or anu other Channel.
  5. Receive Orders and Fulfill them.

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